30 09, 2015

Suicide Prevention Outreach for College Students Will Expand with Federal Award

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So happy to see local media pick up the story of my department at San Diego City College being awarded a Federal grant for suicide prevention outreach from SAMHSA. I talked to Univision today. It will air at 6 pm today on channel 17 (in Spanish.) The Union-Tribune featured the story yesterday and I was told the local NPR station also shared on the radio.

This was my first time writing a Federal grant application, although I had written successful state and private grant requests in the past. They also provided mental health outreach for college students. I definitely had the help of many in my office and it was truly a group effort. But I will take the time to toot my own horn for a moment and say that after 4-6 weeks of consuming work, followed by several […]

29 09, 2015

Breathing Underwater: How to Overcome Being Overwhelmed

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School is back in session.

For me this means my kids are getting back into their morning routines and my part-time work at a local college is at its busiest point of the year. Our new interns are still being trained and the students are pouring in, requesting mental health counseling. It’s busy.

Breathing Underwater: Overcoming Being Overwhelmed

Personally, I usually feel on top of things. But with so many details swimming in my head, at times my mind just can’t process it all.

How do you catch a breath when you feel like you are slipping deeper and deeper underwater?

The single most common reason college students request mental health counseling is feeling OVERWHELMED.

Think about it this way: I throw you a small ball […]