Location and Directions

Burd Psychotherapy
5252 Balboa Ave, Suite #800
San Diego, CA. 92117

Look for the tallest building on the northwest corner of Gennessee and Balboa (the corner with Rite-Aid).

Parking: Off-street parking is free and easy. There are plenty of spots around and behind the building, in the overflow lot to the west, and behind the tall building to the west.

The main entrance to the lobby is on the west side of the building, and there is another entrance on the east side. My office is in the Health and Wellness Consultation Center II, on the 8th floor. Please enter the lobby to the suite and make yourself comfortable. I do not have a receptionist, but there will be a light switch at the far end of the lobby with my name. Once you turn on the switch, (and leave it on) I will know you are there.

To schedule an appointment or contact me for more information:

Phone: 619-289-7818
Email: abby@burdtherapy.com