Reviews of Abigail Burd

reviews of abigail burd, lcsw; reviews of abby burd

“I want to thank you for your time and guidance in this journey of finding myself again. You taught me a lot about myself and I truly appreciate all the advice you gave me. Whether we ever talk or see each other again in life I will never forget the impact you made on me!”

“From my first day meeting you in your office to today, you gave me support and always believed in me. I have learned so much from you and I continue to learn everyday. Thank you Abby, for not only giving me the unconditional support and belief in me but for also helping me find the strength within me to fight for my life!”

“I would like to thank Abby for going above and beyond her job. If it wasn’t for her getting me in then I don’t know if I would be here right now… and I would like to acknowledge her for that.”

“Great experience. From my first conversation with Abby on the phone to talk about getting treatment, Abby made me feel very comfortable and gave me the motivation to begin treatment. Abby was always there for me. Even at times when I doubted myself, she always showed me how much she believed in me to succeed. When you have a counselor that won’t give up on you and continues to believe in you, it makes it tough to give up on yourself.”

“Abby was very helpful and listened to my concerns and requests. She is a very cheerful person in all aspects of her work.”

“I experienced quite the competent therapist. Her suggestions and stress management skills have proven to be extremely effective.”

“Abby was an excellent therapist who got me to face things going on in my life and taught me some new tools to use. She was a pleasure to work with. I have and will recommend her to everyone I meet that needs help.”

“I would say that Abby was the best counselor and has helped me much with understanding my addiction.”

“Going above and beyond and always with a smile.”

“Professional but caring and compassionate also.”

“Abby made this whole process so much easier and was so helpful and caring.”

“I just wanted to thank you for your efforts and caring. My husband and I are hopeful… Thank you for seeing the potential in [our son] that we do and for guiding our decisions concerning him.”

Note: I discourage my clients, past or present, from posting reviews about me on Yelp, Google and other review sites. My concern is that mental health counseling should be private and confidential. In addition, therapists should never solicit testimonials from clients, due to the risk of undue influence. I never ask my clients for them. However, a few of my clients over the years have either written me thank you cards or have provided my employers with the above reviews. And I have also received a few reviews on Yelp, although half are hidden by Yelp for seeming too positive.