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The Postpartum Depression Workbook

I’m humbled to hear the love for my 2020 book, which remains a bestseller in the field: The Postpartum Depression Workbook. This workbook provides the strategies, tools, and support you’ll need for a healthy and happy transition into parenthood. Order your copy below.

Postpartum Depression Workbook Description


Abigail Burd, MSW, LCSW, PMH-C, LCS26867, is a San Diego psychotherapist, perinatal mental health specialist, and licensed clinical social worker. Abby is the owner and lead clinician of Burd Psychotherapy and the author of The Postpartum Depression Workbook.


Individual counseling in San Diego for adults. Specializing in reproductive mental health, including perinatal mood and anxiety disorders, perinatal loss, grief, fertility, and parenting, as well as addictions, anxiety and depression.


Abby is currently serving those located in California via telehealth. Join therapy on our secure video platform. Video sessions are requested to start new clients, with some limited options for phone therapy and nature therapy in San Diego possible after.

Abigail Burd, LCSW, San Diego Psychotherapist

February 2019 Fox 5 Preventing Perinatal Depression


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