The Postpartum Depression Workbook


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Powerful strategies and compassionate support for overcoming postpartum depression

Becoming a parent is a huge transition. For some, the mood swings, the pressures, and the anxiety can be intense and overwhelming. One in five women will develop postpartum depression (PPD) after pregnancy―so if you’re struggling with PPD, know you’re not alone. This depression workbook is designed to help you navigate the transition to becoming the healthy and happy parent you want to be.

This depression workbook is here to guide you on your journey, providing supportive strategies and tools grounded in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)―proven to help you understand, cope with, and reduce your PPD symptoms. Discover common signs of PPD, what it is, and what you can do about it. Explore your thoughts, feelings, and relationships, plus self-care practices through a variety of practical and insightful exercises in this depression workbook.


This depression workbook includes:

  • Primer on PPD―Discover if you might have PPD, take a look at common causes and risk factors, and see how PPD can impact your partner.
  • Lasting relief―The CBT-based postpartum strategies in this depression workbook will help you adopt a positive mindset, improve your mood, deepen your relationships, and find time to recharge.
  • Parents like you―Find kinship in real-life scenarios from other parents, paired with practical advice, simple tips, and interactive exercises.

The workbook provides the strategies, tools, and support you’ll need for a healthy and happy transition into parenthood.

Postpartum Depression Workbook Description


Professional Praise for The Postpartum Depression Workbook

“Drawing on years of clinical practice of working with pregnant and postpartum clients, Abigail Burd has done an incredible job creating a home-based program and treatment manual to help understand, manage and overcome all the mood shifts and anxieties that comes with motherhood. If you are not seeing a maternal mental health therapist, this workbook is the very next best thing. I will be recommending this workbook to all of my clients.” -Alison Reminick, MD, Director, Women’s Reproductive Mental Health Program, University of California San Diego

“This workbook gives new and expectant parents a clear set of expectations and the related tools to manage common reproductive mental health issues. Abby has taken years of experience and combined her knowledge with best practices in evidence-based psychotherapy practice to give parents a surprisingly accessible and easy-to-apply approach to managing your family’s health in the transition to parenthood. Do yourself a favor and read this before AND after the pregnancy!” -Daniel Singley, Ph.D., Early fatherhood researcher and Founder of The Center for Men’s Excellence

“This is the guide to postpartum depression that I will be recommending from now on. Abby writes with warmth and compassion while offering concise, practical and useful tips for mothers suffering from PPD. This book is will help so many people, and I am so grateful that it exists.” -Diana Spalding, MSN CNM, Senior Education Editor at Motherly and writer of The Motherly Guide to Becoming Mama.


The paperback version of The Postpartum Depression Workbook is a beautifully-designed text with ample space for writing and reflection. Printed in the US.

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  • Paperback : 180 pages
  • ISBN-10 : 1647398371
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  • ISBN-13 : 978-1647398378
  • Publisher : Rockridge Press; Workbook Edition (October 13, 2020)
  • Language : English

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3 reviews for The Postpartum Depression Workbook

  1. Nayeli Corona-Zitney

    I received an advanced copy of this book to review, and opinions expressed herein are my own.

    The author of this book, Abigail Burd, is a Perinatal Mental Health Certified expert. The expertise she has gathered over the years of working in this filed is evident in this book. This workbook provides professional, expert information in a way that is easy to grasp. I encourage anyone who has postpartum depression or thinks that they may have it to read this book. It provides the reader with an understanding of what postpartum depression is and what the risk factors are. More importantly, it provides tips for the reader on how to manage the symptoms of postpartum depression, and also explains how these symptoms can also impact a partner.

    I am a therapist who also works in this field and I will be recommending this workbook to expecting and new parents to help in their transition to parenthood.

  2. HeHe Stewart, M.S.

    This book is incredible! It steps you through exactly what is ‘normal’ and expected in postpartum plus what to do if you find yourself in a space that is not expected. This workbook is filled with easy tools to incorporate throughout your day to help find strategies to be the healthiest, happiest version of you. I could go on and on about how amazing this workbook is, but I will leave it at this–it even shares how to navigate this space with your partner while supporting yourself, too. This book is a must-have for any new parent!

  3. Caitlin Chapman

    As a therapist working in the maternal mental health field, I have been waiting for a workbook like this for some time. It strikes the perfect balance between being helpful to the new mother/parent by presenting information in a way that is easily digestible, while also acting as a sound clinical resource that I can use to inform my work with clients. The tone of this workbook is relatable and encouraging, and it also feels up-to-date with discussion of various sub-populations of parents, such as BIPOC and LGBTQ+. I found the section explaining Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, i.e. challenging negative thought patterns, especially accessible. I have already used this as a resource with clients, and I expect that this text will become a standard in the field. I wish that someone had given me a copy of this in my fourth trimester!

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