21 04, 2024

What is walk and talk (nature) therapy?

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Living in a beautiful climate, such as San Diego, I’ve been taking advantage of the therapeutic benefits of walk and talk therapy sessions. So often we think psychotherapy is just sitting in a dark room. We picture two chairs facing each other (or sitting in front of two separate computer screens). But what if therapy included feeling sunshine, fresh air, movement, or an ocean breeze? Can you imagine the scent of native plants, the sounds of birds, practicing nature-based mindfulness, and more?

A small yellow bird sits on a branch of Cleveland Sage, a plant native to the San Diego area, and often found during walk and talk therapy sessions. The sweet scent of Cleveland sage flowers and leaves brings calm.

What are the benefits of nature-based outdoor sessions or walk and talk therapy?

In […]

13 04, 2023

Home/ Work for a Reproductive Psychotherapist

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I met my friend Catie through the San Diego birth community. Back when I had my little ones and started my private practice focused on perinatal, or reproductive, mental health, Catie was one of San Diego’s most sought after birth photographers. In addition, she was influential in co-leading a local birth network and meet ups of birth professionals.

Abby Burd photo by Catie Stephens

When Catie shared about her latest project, featuring women working from home, in black and white, with all the tools of their trade, I signed up. When I’m not in one tiny corner of my bedroom for my video sessions with clients from all over California, my private practice office comprises the corner of the playroom/ laundry station/ multi-purpose storage dump-all room.

10 01, 2022

#BlackMomsMatter – Last Chance for the Online Courses

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In case you missed it…

Janisha Street and I recorded a video course for my online, on-demand school back in 2019. #BlackMomsMatter remains a relevant introduction into the disproportionate impact of perinatal mental illness in the Black and African-American community. More importantly, we cover practical ways to make things better.

Sadly, the door will close to new students 1/31/22

Unfortunately, I’ve made the decision to downgrade the hosting for my online school, and all of the published courses, including the cornerstone Prevent Postpartum Depression. This means:

  • I will not publish any new courses
  • No new students can join after 1/31/22
The good news:
26 11, 2020

Please Do Less

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please do less

One of the more enjoyable topics of 2020 has been “silver linings.” In what unexpected ways are you benefitting from the life changes and disruptions of social distancing? (Not a rhetorical question. Drop it in the comments.)

Personally, I am grateful for being able to work from home. I can hug my family between sessions, “cowork” with my first- and third-graders while I’m doing admin work, avoid traffic, and start dinner in the Instant Pot on my lunch break.

As we head into the holiday season, I encourage all of you to take full advantage of the 2020 excuse to “do less.” The holidays are often a time of pressure to live up to traditions, visit and please extended family, and make it the “best year yet” for our kids.

Can we all […]

11 10, 2020

Giveaway and First Reviews: The Postpartum Depression Workbook

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Hello friends. The Postpartum Depression Workbook starts shipping on Tuesday! The process of writing a book becomes very solitary, with many late nights and early mornings working alone. Having spent the pandemic pouring my years of experience into a book, I can’t tell you how exciting it is to imagine it in people’s hands, let alone actually making a positive impact on their lives.

The Postpartum Depression Workbook - giveaway and reviews

To celebrate the release, I am hosting a giveaway and will send one winner (US address, please) a paperback copy. Enter below.

Can’t wait to see if you’ll win? You can order your own copy here.

I’m also thrilled to see the workbook is currently the #1 Hot New Release on Amazon for Postpartum Depression.

So… I […]

15 09, 2020

Announcing “The Postpartum Depression Workbook” – Presales Open Today

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It has now been six months since Californians closed schools, stayed home and went remote. No surprise, but I haven’t posted a blog update in all that time. Granted, I’ve had early elementary school learning, canceled summer camps, my own losses/grief, and applying for and starting a new full-time job to keep me busy. But there is another reason I haven’t written a blog post since then…

In the early days of the pandemic, when school closure looked like a two-week extension of spring break, a publisher approached me to write a book on postpartum depression. They saw a need in the market for a therapy based workbook for PPD and thought I would be the best fit to write it. They requested a fast turn around, but estimated that I could write it in 7-9 hours/week over 6 weeks. I […]

15 02, 2020

Relationships After Baby [E-course]

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My second online course launched yesterday (Valentine’s Day), this time focused on “Relationships After Baby.
Relationships After Baby e-course

The course costs less than one session of couples therapy! ($149 as a one time fee, and lifetime access to the self-paced psychoeducational material.)

Similar in format to my first course “Prevent Postpartum Depression,” the relationship course combines seven videos addressing the most common issues couples face and 20+ lectures combining readings. We’ve added a private discussion forum with other couples, and questions for guided journaling and/or discussion with your partner. As a bonus, you’ll find over a dozen free handouts and worksheets to download. Topics range from getting sleep for the whole family, sex postpartum, anger, communication and more!

This time, I brought in more guest instructors including:
27 09, 2019

Embrace Motherhood Giveaway, Panel and Launch

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I recently shared beautiful photos from our party last month to celebrate the launch of the Prevent Postpartum Depression course. Please visit the Prevent PPD blog to see.

I also had the pleasure of participating on a panel on the Fourth Trimester a few weeks ago with my friends at Ergobaby in LA. They have just launched a cuddly soft and supportive carrier that is perfect the newborn stage, called the “Embrace.”

McLean of Mother the Mother, Kelly of Moms in Color, Jill Koziol of Motherly, Michelle of Beyond Yoga, Elizabeth of the Littlest, and Abby of Burd Therapy and Prevent PPD; Fourth Trimester Expert Panel at the Ergobaby Embrace Launch

All event and […]

7 06, 2019

Tips for Preventing Postpartum Depression

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I have been sharing a little bit on social media about my latest venture, an online course to prevent postpartum depression and anxiety. I haven’t really announced it here yet, but yes, it’s live! The beta testing round filled up quickly after I shared on Instagram and Facebook. Happily, preliminary reviews from the beta testers have been overwhelmingly positive. If you just want to check it out, I made five of the lessons free previews. For those wanting to take the full-course, I recommend buying it soon as the early-bird pricing will go up after the official launch later this summer.

Prevent Postpartum Depression logo

One beta tester shared: “The Skills and Strategy section is so supportive. It left me feeling hopeful and gave me […]

5 06, 2019

ColorWalk 2019: Bringing Color Back to Motherhood

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Most of you know that I am a mother myself. So I know firsthand how easy it is to focus all of our energy on raising our children. One of my current goals is to start to reclaim some of the color I enjoyed in my life pre-kids.

ColorWalk 2019 Abby Burd and children

My friends, Claudia and Itzel of Well Mamas Counseling, hosted the local San Diego Motherhood ColorWalk 2019: Bringing Color Back to Motherhood, organized by 2020 Mom. I thought it sounded up my alley and it was super easy to talk my kids into going… Um, colored chalk fight?

ColorWalk 2019

Bringing Color Back to Motherhood

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