UPDATE: Activities, art therapy, and questions for helping children (K-8) understand emotions with “Inside Out” is now available (click here.)

Inside Out” by Disney/Pixar is in theaters now. As a therapist, I loved seeing emotions brought to life. I loved seeing concepts such as personality, memory and depression illustrated. I especially appreciated the message that all feelings have value. The movie inspired me to write up a list of questions for understanding emotions better. I was thinking primarily of the teens and young adults I see in therapy, but I think anyone can benefit from them. Please download a free printable copy of my Inside Out Study Guide: Understanding Emotions.*

Inside Out Study Guide for Teens: Understanding Emotions

Spoiler Alert: These questions will give away some of the plot line of the movie. If you haven’t seen it yet, you may want to print or save them to read and answer afterwards.

An “Inside Out” (Disney/Pixar) Study Guide: Understanding Emotions. Written by Abigail Burd, LCSW

  1. When we meet Riley, most of the time Joy is in charge of her thoughts and personality. Which emotion(s) do you feel most often?
  1. Riley and her family go through a lot of changes when they move from Minnesota to San Francisco. Have you ever gone through a big transition?
  1. How are the glowing balls, or “core memories” made? What are yours?
  1. What do the core memories have to do with Riley’s personality?
  1. When Sadness touches one of the happy core memories, she colors it blue. What do you think is going on then? Is it possible that our current moods can color our past memories? Or how we define our personality?
  1. Do you think that the core memories were changed forever or was there a temporary filter on them?
  1. When Riley’s mother tells her that she is helping her parents by being their “happy girl,” Riley feels pressure to only show them her joy. What do you think of this?
  1. Do you think that our society values certain emotions over others? Which ones?
  1. At the end of the movie, Joy learns that other emotions, especially Sadness, are also important. Why?
  1. Do you think it is easier for males or females, or for younger or older people, to express different emotions? Which ones? Why?

Download a free printable version here: Inside Out Study Guide Understanding Emotions

*The “Inside Out” Study Guide: Understanding Emotions is © Abigail Burd, LCSW, 2015. May be printed individually for use in therapy or classes. Please do not republish questions in print, online or in social media, although you are welcome to share by linking to burdtherapy.com/inside-out-disney-pixar-study-guide for others to download for free.

And just for fun, check out Riley’s Mind Map (below). What would your mind map look like?

Map of Riley's Mind from Inside Out

Movie images courtesy Disney/Pixar. Riley’s Mind Map from Disney wikia.

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