AWoman’ (Women Magazine) recently quoted my article on cell phone use in their look at three reasons to  step away from the phone by Maryann Hammers.

dangers of too much cell phone use


She writes:

You’ll get more out of life

When you’re gazing at your phone, you’re missing out on everything else. “

[Your phone use] robs you of the beautiful trees, sunshine, and birds — key elements of mental health and well-being,” says Dr. Bobinet.

And your family members — especially children — miss you.

“I have seen parents who are so caught up on their phones that they do not notice their small child staring up at them, hungry for attention and affection,” says Dr. Bobinet.

Abigail Burd, LCSW, a San Diego psychotherapist, cites a “Still Face” experiment[3] in which a mother stares blankly, rather than interacting with her baby. “It is painful to see the baby’s distress at seeing her unresponsive mother,” Burd says. (Watch the video here.)

Look around. If you’re in any sort of public place, chances are, you’re surrounded by similarly blank faces. “That’s what we look like when we stare at our phones,” Burd notes.

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