15 06, 2024

Inside Out 2 Reflective Questions: Tools for Navigating Emotions and Identity

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Imagine being able to peek inside your teenager’s mind, where Joy, Sadness, Anger, Disgust and their new friends Embarrassment, Envy and Anxiety battle for control. Disney/Pixar’s ‘Inside Out 2“gives us that chance. This downloadable guide features reflective questions inspired by ‘Inside Out 2’ to deepen discussions on emotions and identity.

inside out 2 - new emotions study guide: anxiety, envy, ennui, embarrassment

Remember the journey into Riley’s mind in Disney/Pixar’s “Inside Out“? We were introduced to the colorful world of her emotions and learned that every feeling has a place and purpose. Now, “Inside Out 2” is here, taking us through the rollercoaster of adolescence and puberty. As a therapist, I’m excited to share insights from the movie and provide discussion questions that you can use to explore […]

8 07, 2015

An “Inside Out” (Disney/Pixar) Study Guide: Understanding Emotions

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UPDATE: Activities, art therapy, and questions for helping children (K-8) understand emotions with “Inside Out” is now available (click here.)

Inside Out” by Disney/Pixar is in theaters now. As a therapist, I loved seeing emotions brought to life. I loved seeing concepts such as personality, memory and depression illustrated. I especially appreciated the message that all feelings have value. The movie inspired me to write up a list of questions for understanding emotions better. I was thinking primarily of the teens and young adults I see in therapy, but I think anyone can benefit from them. Please download a free printable copy of my Inside Out Study Guide: Understanding Emotions.*

Inside Out Study Guide for Teens: Understanding Emotions

Spoiler Alert: These questions […]

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