I recently shared beautiful photos from our party last month to celebrate the launch of the Prevent Postpartum Depression course. Please visit the Prevent PPD blog to see.

I also had the pleasure of participating on a panel on the Fourth Trimester a few weeks ago with my friends at Ergobaby in LA. They have just launched a cuddly soft and supportive carrier that is perfect the newborn stage, called the “Embrace.”

McLean of Mother the Mother, Kelly of Moms in Color, Jill Koziol of Motherly, Michelle of Beyond Yoga, Elizabeth of the Littlest, and Abby of Burd Therapy and Prevent PPD; Fourth Trimester Expert Panel at the Ergobaby Embrace Launch

All event and panel photos are by Marisa Vitale. My co-panelists were impressive! From L to R in the above photo: McLean McGown, postpartum doula and host of the Mother to Mother podcast (check out my episode airing October 2nd); Kelly McKnight of Moms in Color; Jill Koziol, CEO and Co-Founder of Motherly; Michelle Whaler, CEO and Co-Founder of Beyond Yoga; Elizabeth Antonia, author of the Early Riser Companion; and myself.

Embracing Mothers

I have to say, Ergo just GETS IT. For example, they prioritize education; I’ve had the pleasure of training their staff on perinatal mental health twice. And with the launch of a product for a new baby, they have purposely decided to focus on matrescence, and the birth of a mother. The beauty and the brutality.

I’m jumping on here, not just to share about the event, but let you know that 1. you can also enter to win a carrier, entry to my course, and so much more… (see below) and 2. you can see a video I recorded for them on asking for help here or here.

The video of our panel talk is not yet available. I will link to it, at least from Instagram or Facebook, once it is. Our talk was powerful! I wanted to keep talking with the participants for hours… and our audience was mesmerized, even with wiggly babies and third trimester bellies.


The Best Fourth Trimester Giveaway Ever

Motherhood starts here. Real, raw and powerful. No matter how much preparation you do during your pregnancy or even before conception, it’s not really real until baby is here, and you start to feel the magnitude of the identity shift into the role of mother. Nurture yourself and babe during this incredible transformation. With the birth of a baby, comes the birth of a mother. We invite you to honor this time, often referred to as “the fourth trimester” or “the first 40 days.”

Embrace Motherhood Giveaway

The focus on the fourth trimester is not only nurturing the newborn baby but also the postpartum care and mental health of the healing mother.  It’s as much an emotional and spiritual change as it is physical, and to help women make this transition as seamlessly and gracefully as possible, we’re participating along with some of our favorite brands to help bring you a truly nurturing and healing bundle. 

It all starts here. Embrace Motherhood.  

Enter now to win a  fourth trimester prize package valued at over $1,300 to nurture mama during those first weeks postpartum.  

One lucky winner (U.S. and Canada only) will receive:


Giveaway ends Monday October 7 at 11:59pm PST. May the odds be ever in your favor!!