My friend and colleague, Pediatric Physical Therapist Wendi McKenna, is offering More Than Milestones: Understand Your Baby, Nurture Development Confidently, and Raise a Thriving, Happy, Healthy Child … with a Village of Support, a complimentary online training and video summit that brings together more than 20 child development, maternal, and family health experts, including me, to share our advice for parenting with confidence.

Link to register for the video series here.

My episode on “Mothering the Mother” airs April 28th and will be free for just a few days.

More Than Milestones Video Summit

Hear more from Wendi:

When it comes to parenting, do you ever feel frazzled in the everyday chaos of having a baby, toddler, or preschooler? Maybe you’re afraid you aren’t doing anything right … that you’ll end up “messing up” your child forever. You’re frustrated, because you have no idea why your child is acting the way he or she does, and you’re exhausted because you don’t have enough help, ideas, or support. 

Sound familiar? 

I GET it. Parenting is not easy! But there is something you can do to end the overwhelm: parent with confidence. Now, this doesn’t mean you know “everything,” or that you do everything “right.” It simply means you get to know your little one(s) more fully, and trust yourself more deeply.

Here’s the thing: none of us can – or should – do it alone. 

Reserve your spot here to join us, starting April 24: 
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When you go to the link above and sign up to join us for this powerful summit, you’ll receive support and guidance, as well as realistic strategies, delivered with humility and humor!

You’ll also discover that although our community may look different now than it has in the past, we still have one, it’s strong, and you can absolutely benefit from it. (Remember that old saying? “It takes a village …”?) 

From Abby: as a heads up, you will be asked for your email in order to access the video summit. I warn you because I am super cautious of giving mine out, but I trust that Wendi won’t misuse it.

Here are some of the highlights of the videos: 

  • Gain a deeper understanding of baby and child development, so you know you’re on the right track, and feel confident when you’re interacting and with your little one.
  • Access and use tools to look into the future, creating the vision you want for your baby and family.
  • Navigate our cultural tendencies, knowing the difference between mainstream and best science-backed practices.
  • Create a plan for managing to stay calm through the daily chaos.
  • See and extract extra meaning from the things that do go right, so you learn to focus on the positive.
    And more.

In short, you’ll learn how to find yourself again in this new role, while also caring for your baby in a way that nurtures your baby and yourself! 

Wendi is the perfect person to host this summit. As a pediatric physical therapist and a parent of three kids, she often talks with parents who have so many questions—but don’t even realize what they are until the conversation has begun. As they learn more about their baby’s development, their interest is sparked!

And while these parents often start out asking about milestones, like eating, sleeping, crawling and walking, they are also interested in how to better connect with and nurture their babies as they grow.

She’s offering More Than Milestones to give parents the opportunity to turn to real, trustworthy experts (rather than Google) with their questions … and to celebrate daily successes, with a community of support.

Sign up here to join us:

Celebrate Your Successes <<< Sign Up – And WIN At Parenting! 

These interviews are concise and packed with information you can use right away to grow your village, and parent with confidence, knowing you’re nurturing your child! Fill your bucket, give yourself a break, and know that every connection you make with your little one lays a strong foundation for his or her childhood, adolescence, and adulthood.