The Netflix series “13 Reasons Why” has been in the media plenty. The show depicts a teen suicide. High school and middle school students especially have been engrossed with the show. The show also depicts sexual assault and bullying. Not surprisingly, many find the show triggering.

13 Reasons Why and Suicide Prevention

The Suicide Prevention Resource Center, supported by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration (SAMHSA), put together this list of some of the best responses to “13 Reasons Why.”

From Suicide Prevention Organizations


From Other Mental Health/Professional Organizations


Other Related Resources


And here is a bonus link for journalists on responsible reporting on suicide. Believe it or not – you, the journalists – have an awesome power and responsibility. Every article or story on suicide has the potential to trigger copycats, or be an opportunity to help raise awareness and prevent. Are you sure that YOU know the best practices to make that difference?

Recommendations for Reporting on Suicide (various)

More Suicide Prevention from me (Abigail Burd, LCSW, San Diego psychotherapist)


Comment below: How are you talking to teens and young adults about “13 Reasons Why”?

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